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Planning for one's future can be challenging and intimidating. Life has many uncertainties. To the extent each of us can manage those uncertainties, we should try. The Law Office of Kevin Jourdain is here to help you prepare and address frequently difficult decisions of life relative to your property and personal wishes so that your personal affairs are in order so you and your family can have peace of mind knowing you have a plan.

Attorney Kevin Jourdain has significant experience preparing Wills, Durable Powers of Attorney, and Health Care Proxies for his clients. It is highly recommended that most people have these essential documents to manage their financial and medical needs if they should become incapacitated or otherwise unable to manage their affairs personally. Wills are also critically important to ensure that your real and personal property are distributed according to your wishes after you have passed and with the personal representative (formerly known as an Executor) of your choice making the decisions you want made.

Attorney Kevin Jourdain will personalize a plan that works for you and fits your needs. Everyone's situation is unique and Kevin takes the time to tailor your plan to your specific needs. This may also include other options to consider such as Life Estate Deeds, Special Powers of Appointment, or Parental Appointments of Guardian if appropriate.

Please call Kevin to see how he can help you have the peace of mind you deserve.