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The Law Office of Kevin A. Jourdain, Esq. is the office to call when you need competent legal counsel. Attorney Jourdain represents clients in a variety of civil matters, so rely on him to help resolve your legal issue in a timely manner.

Driver's License Appeals

We assist people who have lost their driver's license and need to get it back for various reasons. The first step in the process typically requires attending a hearing with Registry of Motor Vehicles' Driver Control Unit to contest an adverse action taken against you. If the issue cannot be resolved with them, then Attorney Jourdain, in the appropriate circumstances, may advise you to appeal to the Division of Insurance's Board of Appeal. The Division of Insurance's Board of Appeal is a very powerful state board empowered under M.G.L. ch. 90, Sec. 28. The Board of Appeal has the authority to overturn most decisions of the Registrar of Motor Vehicles. Attorney Jourdain has extensive experience with the Board of Appeal and previously served as a member of the Board representing the Registry of Motor Vehicles.
Hardship Licenses

The Registrar of Motor Vehicles has the right under statute to administratively revoke your license for a number of offenses. License revocations may be for as little as 30 days or as much as a lifetime depending on the offense. While it may be possible to get relief in the form of a hardship license from the Driver Control Unit of the Registry of Motor Vehicles, they have very difficult standards in granting relief. If you have been denied relief by the Registry of Motor Vehicles, you may have the right to appeal their decision to the Division of Insurance's Board of Appeal and then ultimately to the Superior Court if necessary.

Attorney Jourdain can assist your through the appellate process by preparing your appeal and representing you on the day of your hearing. The Board of Appeal requires that you demonstrate that you are not a threat to public safety. Moreover, you must demonstrate that you have a legitimate hardship, whether it is educational, employment or medically related. Attorney Jourdain is very experienced in this area of law and he can put his skills to work for you to make the best case possible as to why you should be granted a hardship license. A hardship license typically takes the form of a 12 hour license such as 7am - 7pm, 8am-8pm, etc.

If the Board of Appeal denies your appeal, you may have a right to appeal your case to the Superior Court. If appropriate, Attorney Jourdain will work with you at that time to consider your options.

Complaint Immediate Threat - Medical

The Registrar upon receipt of a complaint from a medical professional or a police department may revoke your driving privileges under the belief that you are not medically fit to drive. This can happen to a person of any age potentially but more frequently occurs to our senior citizens. This can be a scary experience and often drivers who find themselves in this situation, do not know how to get their license back. Attorney Jourdain fights for you and helps you meander the process to get your licensing privileges restored, when appropriate. The process may require getting medical clearance, taking a driving test and/or taking a driver assessment evaluation. Attorney Jourdain helps you every step of the way.

Auto Accident Surcharges

Getting a notice from your insurance company that they have found you at-fault in an auto accident can be very frustrating and seem unfair. The insurance company is required to send you notice that they are surcharging you for the accident they believe you were at-fault for. A surcharge determination can result in a large increase in your auto insurance premium over many years. However, you have the right to appeal that determination at a hearing to a neutral party, the Division of Insurance's Board of Appeal. Be careful however because you have a short time frame to appeal. If you receive one of these notices and want help to win your appeal, call Attorney Jourdain for experienced counsel on preparing your appeal and representing you one the day of your hearing. Your insurance company will typically be at the hearing stating why you should not win. You do not have to face them alone.