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     Bankruptcy Help in Holyoke, Massachusetts

The Law Office of Kevin A. Jourdain, Esq. of Holyoke, Massachusetts, offers detailed bankruptcy help to clients. Based on your current financial situation, Attorney Jourdain helps you decide whether Bankruptcy is the right decision for you. If so, Attorney Jourdain reviews the type of relief available to you under the Bankruptcy Code. He will carefully examine your options under either Chapter 7 or 13 of the Bankruptcy Code.
His goal is to get you back on a solid financial footing and give you a "fresh start" while also protecting your hard earned assets.

Bankruptcy Representation
Chapter 7 (Liquidation) Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is called a liquidation bankruptcy because an individual gives up their non-exempt property in exchange for a discharge of their debts. Unlike Chapter 13, the debtor does not make payments. Attorney Jourdain carefully evaluates your case to ensure you maxmize your exemptions to protect your property and assets. Generally, because of an thorough evaluation of all available state or federal exemption rules, Attorney Jourdain is able to protect most or all property from being liquidated to pay creditors.

Chapter 7 is often a preferred option for an individual who are current on their secured property (i.e. real estate, automobiles) and want to keep it but have significant unsecured debt (i.e. medical bills, credit cards) that has overwhelmed them.

Chapter 13 (Repayment Plan)
This bankruptcy option is more ideal for someone facing significant arrears or foreclosure on a secured property, but wants to keep it and needs the 3 to 5 years to repay their arrears.

Attorney Jourdain drafts a Chapter 13 repayment plan for review by a trustee and the judge for confirmation. You will receive either a 3- or 5-year repayment plan, depending on whether your income meets the state's "means test" limits. Typically, those unsecured debts remaining at the conclusion of the Chapter 13 plan are discharged.

The Automatic Stay

Upon filing bankruptcy, the debtor enjoys an automatic stay from most collection activity. This includes prohibiting lawsuits from being filed against you or from being continued against you to collect a debt. Foreclosure activity will be stopped. Harrasing phone calls and collection letters are required to be stopped. The automatic stay is a powerful federal law designed to all the debtor to stop and cure their bad financial situation under the protection of the Bankruptcy Court. Attorney Jourdain works hard to make sure you receive all of the relief the automatic stay entitles you to and to address creditors who might not adhere to it.

The Discharge

At the conclusion of the bankruptcy process, a discharge is issued by the Bankruptcy Court. This typically occurs after 4-6 months in a typical Chapter 7 case or 3-5 years in a Chapter 13 case after the conclusion of the repayment plan.

Personalized Bankruptcy Services

Attorney Jourdain offers a very personalized service from the start to completion of your case. During a pre-bankruptcy counseling session, he determines if you are a good candidate based on your circumstances, or if perhaps there is another alternative you should consider.

If he decides to accept you as a client, he determines which bankruptcy chapter is best for you. Additionally, he explains your right to stop harassing collection activity, including harassment or lawsuits. Attorney Jourdain also consults you about exemptions. He will make sure all of the lengthy filings are completed properly and filed properly. He will also represent you at the Sec 341 Trustee Meeting where he will stand side by side with you to make sure the Trustee receives the information he or she needs to properly adjudicate your case.

A Financial Solution that Provides you the Peace of Mind you Deserve!

Our goal is providing you with an automatic stay of all collection and legal action against you, and then we proceed with the bankruptcy case. This includes examining your credit reports and financials to determine how much protection for which you are entitled. Attorney Jourdain also connects with you with a validly approved credit counseling program for your pre-bankruptcy credit counseling certificate that you will need prior to filing your bankruptcy.

To make the situation less stressful for you, Attorney Jourdain prepares bankruptcy drafts, petitions, and schedules for you to review. You also receive a checklist of things you need to do so you have complete guidance every step of the way..

Disclaimer for Potential Bankruptcy Clients

Pursuant to the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 (“the BAPCA”), The Law Office of Kevin A. Jourdain, Esq. is considered a debt relief agency. We are a debt relief agency and help people file for bankruptcy under the bankruptcy code.